Major new releases from DIECI at BAUMA 2019


At BAUMA 2019, DIECI will be showcasing the best models in its Construction range (the HERCULES 210, the PEGASUS 45.30 and 40.18, the PIVOT T60, the L4700 TRUCK MIXER, the 8000 DUMPER and the APOLLO 26.6) and will also present an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of two vehicles in the NEW CONSTRUCTION RANGE: the ICARUS 50.18 GD and the DEDALUS 30.9 GD.

These vehicles, which feature the NEW GD CABIN already adopted on models in the New Agricultural Range, stand out for their innovative solutions: besides offering comfort unmatched by other construction vehicles, they are distinguished by their extremely simple use, exceptional versatility and reliability, high level of safety, and low maintenance requirements. Their extreme simplicity and intuitive use stems from the remarkable in-cab ergonomics, the balanced distribution of instruments and control systems, and the efficiency and simplicity of the controls and safety systems: the switches are backlit and an adjustable armrest is adopted for the new joystick with fwd/rev selector (FNR shuttle) which ensures more precise, comfortable and intuitive control over the direction of travel.

Dieci 3
The fully integrated electronic control system is an exclusive DIECI feature. The CANBUS system establishes optimal work and safety parameters by means of in-depth diagnostics, and data is displayed in real time on the new 7" LCD display, so that the operator can keep track of all the information needed to monitor the vehicle in a detailed and intuitive manner. The exceptional versatility of the new models is a result of the powerful new engine (a Kubota Stage4 developing 85 Kw and paired with an electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission), as well as the wide range of available accessories. The models can also be fitted with an automatic equipment recognition system, which automatically reconfigures the vehicle depending on which equipment is installed. The above features make the vehicles extremely reliable and usable for practically every kind of task required on a construction site.

Dieci 4
Safety has always been a strength of Dieci products and this is plainly apparent in the new ICARUS and DEDALUS vehicles, whose excellent basic design stability has been further enhanced thanks to the Load Limit Control, Transverse Self-Levelling and Anti-Rollover systems. Lateral stability with the boom raised is guaranteed by the rear axle lock, while the parking brake automatically engages when the engine is switched off. The excellent all-round visibility afforded by the New Cabin is further enhanced by headlights and LED lights for the work area.
Maintenance is simplified by the vehicles' modular structure and rational layout, including the easy access to inspectable components such as control units, tanks, filters, the engine compartment and the battery disconnector. The models' robustness and simple construction ensure considerably longer maintenance intervals: for example, hydraulic oil only requires changing after every 2000 hours of operation. A perfect combination of efficiency and cost reduction.

Dieci 5

BAUMA will also host a presentation of the APOLLO 20.4, an extremely compact vehicle suitable for working in extremely narrow spaces with no compromise on performance, roominess and comfort. The interior has been completely reupholstered and features a different instrument layout that further improves ergonomics. The overall lower weight enables the vehicle to accommodate a 50 hp Kubota engine with hydrostatic transmission (further reducing fuel consumption), which is housed in a newly designed engine compartment that can be fully opened to facilitate inspection and maintenance. The hydraulic oil and diesel oil supply is contained in two twin tanks, each with 60-litre capacity.

STAND FS 1007/1


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