New Swiss dealer for Jekko


Italian spider and mini crawler crane manufacturer Jekko has appointed Fassi Schweiz as its official distributor for Switzerland.

Based in Oberentfelden, northern Switzerland, Fassi Schweiz is a distribution subsidiary of loader crane manufacturer Fassi and has been the swiss dealer for Jekko's Fassi based JF spider cranes for the past two years, and will now take over the distribution of the entire Jekko crane range. Fassi Schweiz also distributes Fassi's Cranab forestry cranes.

Jekkodistribuidor 3

Jekko said: "Thanks to its organised and competent sales and aftersales structure, Fassi Schweiz has proven to be a reliable dealer. With regards to our five year development plan, we are certain that this choice will bring excellent results in a highly competitive and demanding market such as the Swiss one. We aim high and for this reason, we have sought out the best partner for us."

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