Re-branding at VERSALIFT but same high quality


Thus, we proudly reveal that the VERSALIFT brand is officially substituted with the longstanding TIME brand.

The re-branding affects the entire company across divisions, thus substituting "TIME International" with "VERSALIFT International A/S".

Furthermore, this shift extends to the additional sub-brands to provide brand consistency across countries and markets. The previously well-known name "TIME Export" and "TIME Danmark" are combined and re-branded as "VERSALIFT Denmark" to include all personnel in Denmark except sales and marketing.
The French and British branches are respectively changed to VERSALIFT France and VERSALIFT United Kingdom.

Additionally, the company logos are changed to align the company brand to sufficiently match the changed brand names. The modified logos are an extension of the known <> logo. The new logos differentiate by primary market location and below the indicated location, the logo is further extended with " " to emphasize its roots in . .

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