Sinoboom makes plans for bauma

In their first attendance of a European bauma event as exhibitors, they will be showcasing a range of electric-powered MEWPs – five scissor lifts, and one articulating boom lift.

The electric-powered models are particularly popular in the overseas market, while a number of additional characteristics have appealed to their global customer base. The scissor lift range features a small turning circle, a robust build for optimum strength, and ease of operation. The articulating boom lift range is noted for excellent stability and a very competitive price point compared to many of the models produced by the major global players in MEWP manufacturing.

They also manufacture a number of Diesel-powered models in the scissor and articulating boom lift range, while the entire product range includes telescopic, mast, spider and truck-mounted lifts.

There is ongoing exploration of further opportunities, in Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast, South, Central and East Asia, and Australasia and Oceania.

They will be showing the following models:

GTZZ16EJ Articulating Boom Lift

Sinoboom GTZZ16EJ

• Dimensions (m) (LxWxH): 6.8x1.9x2.0
• Platform height (m): 15.7
• Working height (m): 17.7
• Load capacity (kg): 230
• Making a debut into the European market, this MEWP features a high load capacity, gradeability of 40%, and a large operational range (the working height is complemented by a max. horizontal reach of 9.3m). The electric drive offers energy-efficiency, while representing an environmentally-friendly working-at-height solution.

GTJZ0407SE Scissor Lift


• Dimensions (m) (LxWxH): 1.42x0.76x1.97
• Platform height (m): 3.8
• Working height (m): 5.8
• Load capacity (kg): 240
• Officially launched at baumaChina in November 2018, the smallest scissor lift in the SINOBOOM range is ideally suited to indoor maintenance tasks, particularly in multi-story facilities, as the compact design allows entry to most elevators.

GTJZ0608S-2 Scissor Lift

Sinoboom GTJZ0608S-2

• Dimensions (m) (LxWxH): 1.78x0.76x2.11
• Platform height (m): 5.8
• Working height (m): 7.8
• Load capacity (kg): 230
• A popular model, combining a useful working height with generous load capacity. Stability, energy-efficiency and a low-maintenance design make this a popular choice.

GTJZ1212 Scissor Lift

Sinoboom GTJZ1212 1

• Dimensions (m) (LxWxH): 2.39x1.15x1.98
• Platform height (m): 11.9
• Working height (m): 13.9
• Load capacity (kg): 320
• With its latest upgrade including the addition of a Lithium battery, this machine benefits from the advantages in energy-efficiency, reliability and adaptability this technology represents. In addition, a high load capacity and non-marking tyres make for a versatile machine around both indoor and outdoor construction projects.

GTJZ1212E-2 Scissor Lift

• Dimensions (m) (LxWxH): 2.45x1.15x1.98
• Platform height (m): 11.9
• Working height (m): 13.9
• Load capacity (kg): 320
• Making its debut at baumaMünich, this electric-drive variant of one of our most popular models offers great reach, loading capacity and maneuverability, with zero emissions.

GTJZ1414 Scissor Lift

Sinoboom GTJZ1414

• Dimensions (m) (LxWxH): 2.77x1.39x1.96
• Platform height (m): 13.8
• Working height (m): 15.8
• Load capacity (kg): 227
• Electric-powered, with great working height and loading capacity, this is an ideal choice for both outdoor and indoor construction projects. Optimisation of the control mode and control procedures make for a highly user-friendly machine, helping to ensure safety and reliability on project sites.

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