70 years of activity are recurring this year for Ormig Spa, a leading Company in the lifting and handling field since 1949.

The Company is going to take part to 2019 Bauma Exhibition and will introduce its new range of electrical indoor cranes, especially useful for handling work in internal places and in short space conditions.
Main features of these cranes are the reduced overall dimensions and weight suitable for the transport on the road without transit permits, all over the Europe.
The maximum stability of the Ormig's cranes, assuring always the best safety work, is given by four points of the wheels contact to the ground, being a basic aspect of the crane travelling with hooked load.

ORMIGenBauma 3
Ormig electric indoor cranes rotate on themselves thanks to a innovative patented system which avoid the slidings and frictions to the ground and in this way the steering radius is reduced at maximum.

ORMIGenBauma 4
All Ormig cranes are approved for road transit.
The Ormig cranes can be equipped with various additional equipment such as:
- several dimensions hydraulic and mechanical fly-jib in order to have the possibility of using the attachments in every working requirements
- "Terminal West" system forks with control and side-shift device
- radio remote control of new generation equipped with a display that allows to check all the operations for all the cranes functions.

ORMIGenBauma 5

Ormig will show at Bauma Exhibition – OPEN-AIR-SITE FS 1006/7 cranes having lifting capacities of 30, 40 and 60 tonnes.

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