Clever purchasers. For decades

The Swedes appreciate high-class German-Japanese workmanship.

"A TADANO, yet again?" No question for Ove Eklund. It is also not a question of mere routine. In fact, the managing director of Sivert Eklunds Mobilkranar AB and his team are keen to perform every lifting job extremely reliably. One of the central arguments in favour of the ATF 60G-3 was that organic oil can be used for the hydraulics of the 60-ton crane.
Ove Eklund follows a successful tradition. Like his father before him, he invests in his crane fleet with foresight. In 1966, his father ordered the first mobile crane from Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany. It turned out to have been a good choice. Although initially other manufacturers were present, too, Eklunds Mobilkranar have long since put their faith exclusively in TADANO, which is also shown by the fact that the ATF 60G-3 is not replacing a crane from another manufacturer but an ATF 30-2L for reasons of age.

Environmental rating means additional jobs

The ATF 60G-3 is a pioneer because Panolin HLP SYNTH 32 organic oil can optionally be used as a lubricant instead of mineral oil. Local regulations demanding the use of organic lubricants, e.g. concerning the construction sector, are thereby met. Thus, Eklunds Mobilkranar, with the most environmentally friendly and most modern crane of its class, can accept jobs that are denied to other providers with less sustainable cranes. Managing director Ove Eklund considers this fact a decisive competitive advantage. For him, the higherenvironmental rating of the ATF 60G-3 is even more important than its lifting performance, second to no other 60-ton crane. This also applies to its sheave height (58,4 metres) and radius (up to 44 metres), both unrivalled in its class.

Lower operating costs, faster journeys

Managing director Ove Eklund is a mobile crane operator himself. And, thus, he knows exactly what is most important when it comes to day jobs in the Uppsala area: "TADANO cranes are much cheaper than the competitors with regard to fuel consumption, maintenance, and operation." Eklund adds: "Speaking from experience, I can say TADANO cranes are very reliable."
Furthermore, it is important to move from one site to the next quickly, with limited downtimes, and to manage the crane fleet in a very flexible way. The ATF 60G-3 will contribute significantly to achieve this. As a 'taxi crane', it is always fully operational and on the way without additional means of transport, and at speeds of up to 85 km/h.

On the way not louder than a kettle

Journeys without much background noise. Whoever will be driving the 60-ton crane in and around Uppsala: he is not going to hear more than 71 dB(A) from the engine noise inside the carrier cab. In addition, the operator does not absorb any harmful substances during crane operation. The engine and the exhaust system are installed behind the superstructure cab: when the superstructure rotates, both will rotate with it – always. This ensures a consistent low noise pollution, which makes it easier to work in a safe and focussed way. A wonderful experience – soon also at Eklunds Mobilkranar for the mobile crane operator of the ATF 60G-3.

Tadano eklunds 2

"Välkommen" to Tadano in Lauf an der Pegnitz. And impressed by the workmanship of German and Japanese 'Ingenjörer'. From left to right: Patrik Anderson (mobile crane operator / service engineer), Esko Juntilla (mobile crane operator), Ove Eklund (managing director), Stephan Goluch (Manager Sales Europe), Martin Andersson (dealer Arnab Kran & Lift AB), and Martin Büttner (crane operating instructor).

The ATF 60G-3 on the bauma

Experience the ATF 60G-3 at our stand FS.1205 on the bauma in Munich, April 8 to 14. Besides the ATF 60G-3, we are presenting further all-terrain cranes, telescopic boom crawler cranes, and truck-mounted cranes for the European market, as well as cranes manufactured at the TADANO headquarters in Japan for outside Europe.

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