Multitel Pagliero in UK


Multitel Pagliero Spa, the European leader in truck mounted platforms and compact crawler machines has opened a new European operation in the UK.

The new venture is an important strategic move for the Italian company in strengthening its international presence and improving its market share. The UK is becoming one of the most important markets for Multitel's international activity. The operation will also support international customer activities across the UK. Multitel is already active with a direct presence in France and Germany.

Multitel 3


Multitel plans to build a team of experienced European professionals. Sales functions will be managed by Greg Moore the UK & Ireland account manager. Service will be managed by Ian Thomson coordinating Service activities. They both come from long term experience in powered access equipment sales and service support.

"The new structure is part of the growing strategy in a key market such as UK and Ireland and will secure a direct and close support to our growing customer portfolio" said Roberto Marangoni Director of International Sales.

Multitel 4


This Multitel footprint change, comes to the UK following a long term and productive relationship with Industrial access and its owner Melvyn Else who after more than 30 years will hand over the responsibility to this new UK structure. We extend our thanks to Industrial Access / Melvyn for his support of our product over this time.


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