Worldwide TADANO production on bauma 2019


TADANO with numerous new features and innovative 4-axle and 5-axle crane.

The bauma. The world's largest construction equipment trade fair for the building, construction materials, and mining equipment industries. Naturally, this fair puts to the fore that which drives the sector: new technologies capable of triggering and defining new trends. Brief, true innovations.

Thus, it goes without saying that, also on the TADANO stand FS.1205, the professional visitors can expect a wide range of innovative solutions from April 8 to 14, which are already shaping developments related to the mobile crane and hoisting technologies or will do so in the near future. Koichi Tadano, President and CEO of TADANO Ltd., will take the opportunity to personally inaugurate the stand.
TADANO is, above all, a group of companies which thrives from its diversity and the synthesis of complementary mentalities. The focus at this year's bauma is, therefore, on the production of the entire group and the needs in the various countries – simply appropriate for the world's leading trade fair.

 Comfort zone and hub for innovations

Customer orientation has always been an essential dimension for TADANO, complementing the technical quality of the cranes. It, of course, does not only include the service but, generally speaking, the way of dealing with the customers as well. This special TADANO atmosphere is also mirrored on the stand. In the outdoor area, many seating groups invite guests to relax, including the opportunity to enjoy culinary treats. The one-story indoor area, with a large balcony and lounge furniture, offers numerous opportunities to meet for intense discussions, even as a small group. An interactive innovation area allows to experience the newest developments in crane operation. And, of course, the TADANO stand personnel promote the sense of well-being with their open-minded attitude, too.

Presentation of two new all-terrain cranes

Whether standing directly next to the exhibits outside or looking at them through one of the many large windows of the stand, the all-terrain product line will capture the attention of quite a few visitors. TADANO is presenting a new 4-axle and 5-axle cranes. Both comply with the new emissions standard Euromot 5, have a practically identical modular superstructure concept, and a newly developed main boom. And: with the two all-terrain cranes, TADANO continues with what has proven successful across all models – the 2-engine concept. It provides an optimum capacity utilisation of the engines at any given moment. And this is becoming even more important for cranes in every category. Key word: aftertreatment of exhaust gases with AdBlue. If crane engines are not utilised optimally, the soot in their exhaust system has to be burned periodically. This means additional effort, higher costs, and extending the rigging times. To be experienced in Munich, too: the new ATF 60G-3. This all-rounder and specialist rolled into one model could be of great interest for all those who wish for a broader range of application than that of comparable 60-ton cranes, including environments with low heights due to its high capacities in telescoping loads. Its concept will certainly be a spectacular attraction for many visitors of the bauma. Reason for this forecast: in Lauf an der Pegnitz, TADANO has been recording numerous deliveries since the introduction, and, without exception, only positive customer feedback after having performed the first crane operations.

The highest level of flexibility

The exhibited HK 40 is a prime example for technological innovations in the category of established truck-mounted cranes. At the bauma, the truck-mounted crane is exhibited with an upgrade. This includes the new carrier chassis from MAN, incl. HydroDrive, and an intelligent rear axle steering. Thanks to axle loads below 10 t, the HK 40 can be put into use quickly and without permits. And, in this configuration, is able to carry 4.5 t counterweight by itself. Further counterweight configurations are possible, making it easier to obtain long-term driving permits.

Telescopic boom crawler crane with unrivalled lifting capacities

The strongest load charts for slopes up to 1.5 degrees, double folding jib operable for up to 2.5 degrees slope; these are values no telescopic boom crawler crane of any other manufacturer offers. Another typical feature of the GTC-800 with CE marking: its tracks can be extended to 3 positions and it has the new OPTI-WIDTH track positioning system. It allows both symmetrical and asymmetrical track positions providing optimum lifting performance at any track width. As a versatile 80-ton crane, the GTC-800 is based on a development approach geared to meet various requirements. On the one hand, it meets the requirements of the growing core markets of power transmission, bridge and civil, and foundation construction, on the other hand, the GTC-800 is suitable for conventional lifting operations. All things considered, this makes the GTC-800 a genuine alternative to lattice-boom crawler cranes. Another advantage: You cannot merely have a look at it at the bauma. You can also purchase it on the European market.

The most powerful two-axle rough terrain crane

The GR-1200XL was developed for industrial energy projects in North America. The rough terrain crane is easily rigged. Its counterweights are self-removable. The Smart Chart safety device and control system provide best performance and an expanded working area, even when the outriggers are not fully extended, and the space is limited. And its newly developed chassis makes the GR-1200XL a crane that is highly manoeuvrable in rough terrain.

The smallest turning radius of its class

A special need is also met by the easily and quickly set up GR-200EX: This TADANO was specially manufactured for the Oceanic market. It does not only have an extraordinary turning radius, but it is the first rough terrain crane with radio control, as well. Via the radio control, you can have the outriggers retracted and extended, and the hook block stowed. The visitors will be able to directly observe the features of the installed TADANO View System. The system offers the driver complete peripheral vision around the crane via four cameras. A further camera warns the driver about difficult-to-spot objects on the left side of the vehicle.

High-quality truck crane

'Made in Japan' for emerging markets around the world: the TADANO GT-750EL meets the multifaceted requirements. High lifting capacity is only one of the truck crane's features, which also include high durability, easy maintenance, and reliable safety devices. Further advantages are the particularly economically working fuel monitoring system and HELLO-NET, the comfortable TADANO telematics system. And finally, a property which cannot be experienced directly on the stand at the fair: a new wheel suspension makes it possible to steer the GT-750EL effortlessly on bumpy streets as well as quickly on the motorway.

Testing cranes at the German production site

TADANO has arranged a shuttle bus for all visitors who would like to test the cranes of the current product portfolio which are available on the European market and get to know the German plant in Franconian city of Lauf an der Pegnitz. Every day throughout the bauma, except Saturday and Sunday, the shuttle bus will take all interested visitors to the heart of the TADANO all-terrain cranes production in a two hours' drive. Apart from a factory tour offering an unusual insight into the numerous and multifaceted manufacturing processes, the participants have the opportunity to thoroughly test the cranes manufactured at this site on a crane operation course. In addition, the visitors can assure themselves about the fact that at the German site they understand food as well. Further information about the program and registration can be obtained directly from your regular TADANO partner.

TADANO on the trade fair bauma, April 8 to 14, Messe Munich, stand: FS.1205.


TADANO on the bauma 2016. On the bauma 2019, too, TADANO presents products of the entire group and, thus, portrays the sometimes vastly differing requirements of the customers all over the world.


The TADANO GR-1200XL, developed for the US market is the most powerful two-axle rough terrain crane. Correspondingly strong is its performance.

High lifting capacity, remarkable durability and easy maintenance, as well as reliable safety devices make the TADANO GT-750EL a sought-after truck crane in emerging markets outside Europe.



Strong lifting capacity in any position and on any ground. With the GTC-800, this will also be possible in Europe.


The new star in the 60-ton class. Strong lifting capacities, long boom and 'light' axle loads. Attributes which provide great future perspectives for the crane.

TADANO Ltd., Japan, is a group of companies specialising in the development and production of hydraulic mobile cranes and lifting devices. With 3,200 employees at 86 points of sale and service, 20 subsidiaries, and five production sites (in Japan, America, and Germany), the TADANO Group is an internationally active enterprise. In the fiscal year 2017/2018, the company's turnover totalled approximately 1.49 billion euros.
TADANO FAUN GmbH was created 1990 by the takeover of FAUN GmbH by TADANO Ltd. At the 160,000 square metre plant in the Franconian city of Lauf an der Pegnitz, all-terrain cranes and truck-mounted cranes are developed and manufactured. The site also includes the state-of-the-art spare parts store and a training centre. Around 900 employees work at the German location. A global sales and service network provides supplies and services to customers all over the world. Prior to delivery, every crane is tested thoroughly at the test site (65,000 square metres) 30 km away in Pegnitz.
All the TADANO products are characterised by the combination of high Japanese quality standard and German engineering skills and ensure reliability and durability.

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