Multitel Pagliero SPA in Bauma

After having scored its record year in 2018 with highest volume production, order intake, sales volumes and revenue, Multitel is getting ready for the main 2019 event. At Bauma Multitel will unveil several new models that further complete the wide range of the Italian Manufacturer.


The MZ 250

The new entry that joins the large choice of 3,5-ton articulated models. The new articulated, a 25 m WH platform, is entirely design by Multitel Pagliero, is mounted on a 3000mm wheelbase Iveco daily and guarantee a unique compactness.
As a result this model secures extreme manoeuvrability with top of the range up and over and outreach. The articulated jib makes the MZ250 even more versatile and make it the perfect tool for several type of application. The generous working envelops allow the MX250 to work in all different condition. The platform can work on a -2,5 m negative level.
The MUSA MUltitel Self Adapting outreach system allows the platform to adjust the working envelope automatically based on the basket load and the outrigger position; in any angular position of the turret the system maximize the outreach and this increase the pay area where you can work with the platform.

MZ250 2


The MTE270 EX

A new model to extend the offer of the aluminium straight boom telescopic platforms on 3.5 ton chassis cabs. This model extends the existing range which includes models from 14 m of working height now to 27 m. The MT 270 EX has a generous 250 kg cage capacity. The rear outriggers of the platform remain permanently in the line of the vehicle while the front outriggers can be deployed both in the line of the vehicle, extended on one side only or extended on both sides. Even with the outriggers all in line the platform offers the full 16m of outreach over the rear and a generous 9 m of outreach over the side. With an extended outrigger this over side outreach is increased to 13 m. This is achieved through the new Multitel MUSA MUltitel Self Adapting outreach system. The MTE270 EX has a strong aluminium alloy sub-frame, cold extruded aluminium alloy boom sections, single button automatic outrigger stabilisation, single button automatic return to transport position, all of which make it a very user friendly as well as a high-performance platform.
The MTE 270 EX is available mounted on a MB Sprinter or on Iveco Daily chassis cab and can be supplied with a selection of customer tailor made options to make it an ideal addition to any truck mounted access fleet.

MTE270 3

The Multitel MJ226

One of the three platforms within the 3,5 tons with telescopic boom and Jib manufactured by Multitel. This geometry guarantees an extreme versatility to this model. The MJ226 provides a maximum cage load of 250 Kg with a horizontal outreach of 9.2m with 250Kg cage load and 12.4 m with 80Kg. With the aluminium subframe and extendable outriggers, this model has a variable and generous working envelope. This model can be mounted on the most common 3.5-ton chassis such as Iveco, MB Sprinter and Isuzu all retaining an extreme compact dimension.
The 1.4 x 0.7 m aluminium basket with a 90°+90° rotation and the electrohydraulic controls are standard option. Beside those you can have useful and value-added options such as automatic outriggers, home function and auxiliary electric motor.

The new MT204 Lithium

Powered by an on-board battery pack and is the ideal tool for all those applications where emission and noise are a limit to standard access to jobsite.
The platform is the well-known and appreciated Multitel MT204EX, with front extendable outriggers offer great performance, over 20,4m of working height and a maximum outreach of 14,3m. Max cage load is 300Kh with an outreach of 8,2m with 300 kg cage load and 12.9 m with 80 kg. It is mounted on a standard Iveco Daily 35 S 13 or MB Sprinter and stays below the 3500 kg weight limit even with fuel and driver. The MT204H unit is powered in a conventional manner to travel to site although a second alternator on the vehicle engine recharges the battery pack.

When on the work site the platform can be deployed on its outriggers using either the vehicle PTO or the on-board batteries. Thereafter the platform will give a full day work powered by the on-board deep flow flooded batteries.
The lithium batteries power a variable speed electric motor which in turn powers a hydraulic pump to drive the platform at a very high efficiency. As the vehicle moves from one job site to another the batteries are automatically re-charged by the second alternator with the main alternator charging the vehicle battery, and supplying vehicle lights and standard vehicle features.
The Multitel MT204H will give a full day battery life on typical usage on a single charge. Overnight charging of the batteries will be the norm, although they can be charged from empty to full in less than eight hours???. Multitel is working on the "green line generation" and expect to shortly add new models to their Eco Hybrid range.

The SMX210

Multitel will launch a new crawler model to complete the range
The SMX 210 offers over a generous 21,2 m WH, a unique 9,5 outreach with a 10.2 m up and over. Fix stabilization area is quite compact with a 3,5 * 3,5 m footprint make the SMX210 a perfect and versatile tool for several application.
Transport results quite easy as the stowed dimension h/l/w 1,97/4,53/1.08 m with a total weight of 3500Kg.
The SMX 210 comes with none marking tracks as standard as well as the automatic stabilization, even from the basket. The lithium battery powered version of this model will be available on Q4 this year and will further extend your offer of full electric crawler.

The MJ685

Multitel will exhibit the well known MJ685. The main steel arm is equipped with four telescopic extensions with sequential output; the terminal element (jib) is articulated and rotatable 170 ° with respect to the main arm with a first steel element and two telescopic extensions in aluminum.
It boasts a maximum working height of 68.50 m, a maximum outreach of 35.50 m and a maximum capacity of 400 kg.
The basket, in aluminium profile, can be extended from 2,5 m to 3,8 m for 0,9 m in width and 1,1 mm of height. On this model also available the winch option with a capacity of 800 kg and radio control.
The platform at the show will be mounted on a Volvo 32 ton / 4 axle chassis.

MJ685 4

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