Multitel will launch a new articulated 3,5 tonne platform – MZ 250

In line with its innovation strategy, Multitel Pagliero SPA will present a new articulated platform mounted on a 3,5 tonne chassis.

The MZ 250, the new 25 m WH platform design by Multitel Pagliero, is mounted on a 3000mm wheelbase Iveco daily and guarantee a unique compactness.
This allow extreme manoeuvrability with top of the range up and over and outreach. The articulated jib makes the MZ 250 even more versatile and make it the perfect tool for several type of application. The generous working envelops allow the MZ 250 to work in all different condition. The platform can work on a -2,5 m negative level.
The MUSA MUltitel Self Adapting outreach system allow the platform to adjust the working envelop automatically based on the basket load and the outriggers position; in any angular position of the turret the system maximize the outreach and this increase the pay area where you can work with the platform.
The compact design is mirroring in its way the same design used on the big Multitel machine with the two telescopic boom mounted side to side over the cabin and a further jib articulation at the end of the fly boom.

MUltitel 3
The MZ 250 is a perfect fit to the existing 3,5 tonne range offered by Multitel Pagliero. The current range goes from 14,5 to 27 m and varies among different straight telescopic to articulated geometry. The MZ 250 make the Multitel range even more comprehensive and unique in its variety. The MZ 250 include all the latest technologies developed by Multitel Pagliero, those solutions make the new model one of the top performer model of its category.

MUltitel 4
The model will be displayed at Bauma 2019 together with other existing and new models.

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