DIECI is participating in EuroTier 2018 and presenting its best fixed boom telehandlers:

Agri Plus 42.7 GD;Agri Farmer 32.6;Mini Agri 26.6;Mini Agri 20.4;Agri Pivot T60



DIECI s.r.l. has been designing and manufacturing telehandlers since 1982. It boasts considerable experience in the construction and agriculture sector and is expanding its foothold in the markets, thanks to the company's ability to understand and meet the diverse needs of its customers. DIECI manufactures five main vehicle categories: telehandlers (with fixed and rotating boom), concrete mixers, dumpers, special purpose vehicles and wheel loaders with telescopic boom.

Agri Plus 42.7 GD

DieciAgriplus42 1


To achieve absolute quality, the AGRI range has been completely redesigned and enhanced with the futuristic design and maximum comfort of the new cab, styled by Giugiaro Design. The AGRI PLUS 42.7 GD, the top model in the Dieci agricultural telehandler range, accommodates the operator with a high-quality soft-touch interior derived from the automotive industry, extra legroom and the possibility of adjusting the armrest and steering column. The heated seat is equipped with three different suspension system options, while the sound-absorbing roof, dashboard and mat insulate the cab from external noise. The Zero Shock System effectively reduces oscillations and ensures a high degree of driving comfort. The cab is also provided with a shock absorption system with integrated adjustment, which eliminates impacts and jolts. The climate control is optimised with a new air conditioning system that circulates air more evenly than in any other telehandler model, thanks to advanced research into fluid dynamics using CFD simulations. It incorporates six vents in the roof, in addition to an openable rear windscreen and side windows with electric opening that also help to regulate the interior climate. The double air filter keeps the operator protected against dust and odours. Large windows increase visibility even in low light conditions, thanks to the LED lights located on the perimeter of the vehicle and on the boom. The convenient layout of the instrumentation, the backlit switches and the adjustable armrest for the new joystick reveal careful consideration given to ergonomics.
The joystick incorporates a fwd/rev selector (FNR reverse shuttle) for easier and more practical direction control. The vehicle's fully integrated electronic control system is an exclusive DIECI feature. The CANBUS system establishes optimal work and safety parameters by means of in-depth diagnostics, and data is displayed in real time on the new 7" LCD display, so that the operator can keep track of all the information needed to monitor the vehicle and its systems in a detailed and intuitive manner. The Agri Plus 42.7 GD has a maximum capacity of 4200 kg and a maximum lifting height of 6.9 metres. The engine is the new 153 HP Kubota Stage 4/Tier 4f, while the Vario System transmission offers four driving modes: Normal, ECO, Creeper and Loader. The vehicles are sold in two versions: Standard and Luxury.



The AGRI FARMER models, produced with increasing capacities and lifting heights, are telehandlers that are designed to work alongside tractors, meeting every lifting and handling requirement on small and medium-sized farms. Small and compact vehicle, the AGRI FARMER 32.6 stands out for its handling, power and precision characteristics and for its great fluidity of movement. It has a maximum capacity is 3200 kg and a maximum lifting height of 6 metres. It is powered by a Kubota Stage IIIB/Tier 4i, 4-cylinder diesel engine with electronic common rail control and 3.8 l displacement, offering low noise emissions, excellent performance, low fuel consumption, and incorporating a particulate reduction system with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). The dust pre-filter separator, integrated into the air filter as standard, prevents the infiltration of dust and abrasive particles that are always present in harsh working conditions, ensuring greater efficiency and engine life. The engine hood has been specifically designed to reduce noise emissions and optimise heat dissipation, which is also reduced thanks to new larger radiators that allow the vehicle to operate in outdoor temperatures up to 50°. The new FNR joystick (also available with capacitive sensor) gathers all the vehicle functions together in a single instrument: forward/neutral/reverse gear function, extension, swing and services are now easy to control precisely and safely with a simple movement of the operator's wrist. The cab, which already in previous models was best-in-class for comfort and roominess (ROPS – FOPS approved, fully equipped with safety devices and designed to ensure a high level of comfort) is now enhanced with a new monochrome LCD display, to keep an eye on all the machine operating parameters, and an enhanced air conditioning system that selects the ideal temperature in the cab.


At EuroTier, DIECI will present one of the mainstays in its agricultural range, the MINI AGRI 26.6, alongside the new MINI AGRI 20.4 prototype model, which is even more compact and agile while offering the same comfort and performance. The MINI AGRI 26.6 is one of the flagship agricultural vehicles produced by DIECI, highly sought after for its compactness, manoeuvrability, versatility and excellent performance. In particular, its size makes it ideal for working in confined and difficult spaces. In addition to the full range of DIECI accessories (lifting hooks, grippers of various kinds, buckets for excavation and inert material), the Mini Agri 26.6 can also be fitted with winches and baskets. The ROPS – FOPS approved cabin is the most spacious in its category. It is designed to ensure a high level of comfort, thanks also to the new door in DSCS (Double Skin Composite System), an innovative lightweight composite material developed by the Dieci Research and Development Centre. The use of this material achieves the dual objective of significantly lightening the vehicle's weight (thereby improving its performance) and considerably increasing its thermal and acoustic insulation, comfort and roominess. The MINI AGRI 26.6 has a maximum capacity of 2600 kg and a maximum lifting height of 5.78 metres. The engine is a Kubota Stage IIIB/Tier 4i unit outputting 54.6 kW, coupled with a single-speed hydrostatic transmission with variable displacement pump.


Dieci MiniAgri20 1

Dieci-MiniAgri20 2

The winning concept of the 25.6 formed the basis for the prototype MINI AGRI 20.4, which meets the need for an even more compact vehicle that retains the already excellent versatility of its predecessor.
Extensively redesigned, the MINI AGRI 20.4 can be considered a new model in every respect, with even more compact dimensions: just 119 cm in height, 155 cm in width and a total length of 363 cm. The cabin interior has been completely reupholstered and the dashboard features a different instrument layout, resulting in better ergonomics and greater roominess, despite the even smaller dimensions compared with the 26.6 model.
The overall lower weight enables the vehicle to accommodate a 50 hp Kubota engine with hydrostatic transmission (further reducing fuel consumption), which is housed in a newly designed engine compartment that can be fully opened to facilitate inspection and maintenance. The hydraulic oil and diesel oil supply is contained in two twin tanks, each with 60-litre capacity. The transmission is hydrostatic and the lifting height (with proportional distributor) reaches 4.30 metres, with a capacity of not less than 2 tonnes.


Dieci AgriPivott60

Also exhibited at EuroTier will be the latest model in the AGRI PIVOT line, the series of wheel loaders with telescopic boom produced in six models – T40, T50, T60, T70, T80 and T90 – differentiated by their progressively increasing operating weights.
The AGRI PIVOT T60 is a wheel loader with articulated chassis and telescopic boom. The intermediate model of the series, it is a compact and light vehicle assembled with high quality components. It is ideal for working in restricted areas or when it is necessary to use a top performance vehicle with reasonable running costs. The engine, a powerful and reliable Kubota Stage IIIB/Tier 4i unit outputting 54.6 kW, is installed longitudinally for improved access during maintenance, thereby affording excellent lateral and rear visibility. Its maximum capacity is 2250 kg and maximum lifting height is 4.70 metres. All vital parts, such as the drive shaft and extension cylinder, are in a protected position, with pins and bushings protected by long-life seal gaskets. All components offer excellent quality and reliability, such as the power-assisted braking system and the inching pedal, which is indispensable for full control of forward speed, even with the engine at maximum revs. The safety and lifting equipment provided includes a load limiting device and the new DCS (Descent Control System), which guarantees maximum boom lowering speed even when the engine is idling. The cab is one of the lowest above ground level in its category and is ROPS – FOPS approved. It is fully equipped with safety devices and designed to guarantee maximum comfort, with openable roof, TFT colour display and capacitive joystick with deadman sensor. It can also be provided with an enhanced climate control system, for perfect air circulation inside the cab.


Our after-sales service is a point of pride for DIECI. The maximum professionalism and efficiency stems from the rigorous training of internal staff, as well as our dealers and authorised workshops. DIECI organises an average of two training sessions per month: over a year, the company trains 200 people, of whom around 70% come from abroad. The after-sales service also takes care of technical assistance in every country where there is a DIECI vehicle: to its customers, the company provides maintenance, spare parts and specialised personnel in just 48 hours, thanks to an extensive and effective dealer network. In order to offer the best service possible, DIECI offers dealers incentives to create a warehouse stock programme, so that they can respond in a very short time to the most immediate needs of the customer.





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