Cargotec invests in digital development and opens a new digital solutions hub in Tampere, Finland


Cargotec will invest EUR 32 million in accelerating the development of digital solutions to secure growth of new digital business.

As part of the investment, Cargotec will open a new Digital Solutions Hub in Tampere, Finland. The hub will utilise methodologies, technologies and data to develop digital solutions to all Cargotec business areas Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor. The new hub is another tangible step in Cargotec's strategy of becoming the global leader in intelligent cargo handling.

"By establishing the new hub, Cargotec aims at securing revenue increase from digital and data-based services. I'm excited to take this next step in our digitalisation journey," says Soili Mäkinen, Cargotec's CIO and SVP Digitalisation. "I also see this to bring great customer value as we can speed up launching new services, thus helping our customers to continuously improve their business and efficiency."

The investment accelerates the introduction of Kalmar's, Hiab's and McGregor's new digital and data-driven solutions and services to Cargotec's customers in the cargo handling industry. The new unit will work in close cooperation with Cargotec's business areas ensuring customer value is achieved. The focus on cargo end-to-end flow will boost the digitalisation of cargo handling.

The new Digital Solutions Hub will be headed by Tommi Pettersson, who currently is in charge of Kalmar's software and automation development. The hub is expected to be fully operational by the end of June 2019.

"I'm delighted to have the opportunity to set up and run this digital solution accelerator and to be part of Cargotec's transformation journey to become the benchmark in intelligent cargo handling. The Digital Solutions Hub will be an important enabler of Cargotec's global new digital businesses," says Tommi Pettersson.

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