Ceramics plant new build from the foundations up Genie® SX™-135 XC™ Boom Lift rises to the challenges of an extra capacity mission


For the past 50 years, Edilceramica, a company of the Edilgroup, has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium quality Italian ceramic tiles.

To consolidate its leadership, the group recently launched into the construction of a new state-of-the-art production facility. To support its working at height needs, the company turned to Modena-based rental company Nolo Servizi 2000 who recommended a Genie® SX™-135 XC™ telescopic boom lift for its extra capacity capabilities adapted to the new build's heavy access requirements. A 25.77 m (84 ft) Genie® Z®-80/60 articulating boom lift was also provided for lower reaching access tasks.

Spec'd for heavy access

In addition to the construction of the new site's structure, the Genie SX-135 XC boom also served to install the components of the plant's production lines. Starting from the foundations up to a height of 33 m (108 ft), access work mandated a machine combing below grade capabilities, high reach, extensive outreach and sufficient lift capacity and space in the platform for up to three people to work with heavy tools and components and cumbersome materials.

"Over recent years, work at height has become increasingly challenging in terms of the tasks and materials involved, as well as the deadlines. Today, productivity is the name of the game and to leverage business opportunities rental companies need to be able offer the right equipment," says Giuseppe Maniero, Sales Manager, North and Central Italy for Authorized Genie Distributors CTE. "With its lift capacity of 300 kg (660 lb) to 454 kg (1,000 lb), which is 32 percent more than the industry standard, and marketing-leading 27.43 m (90 ft) outreach, for Nolo Servizi the Genie SX-135 XC boom lift was definitely a wise choice for this particular industrial construction job. It will also serve them well for a wide range of other applications where increased productivity really counts."

Genie SX 135 33

Increased productivity with a single unit

In addition to its extra load capacity and extensive outreach, the Genie SX-135 XC boom combines a series of other key features that focus on helping to increase productivity and make work easier. Offering the ability to reach 6 m (19 ft 6 in) below grade and drive enabled at full height, this model also features a new mini Genie XChassis™ axle system for increased manoeuvrability and access in tight spaces, as well as a remarkably fast lifting speed. With safety in mind, it also comes equipped with the Genie Lift Guard™ Contact Alarm secondary operator protective system, as standard.

Genie SX 135 44

Outstanding performance

Throughout the duration of this intensive two-month mission, while the Genie Z-80/60 articulating boom lift was operated for duties at a lower level, "The performance of the Genie SX-135 XC boom lifts was outstanding," says Simone Schianchi, Sales Manager and Co-owner of Nolo Servizi 2000. In addition to reaching the highest areas of the building with ease and reducing the number of trips to reload with tools and materials. "This model's horizontal outreach is really exceptional even at maximum load. As a result, we saved our customer the cost of a crane which also made the operators' job easier," says Simone Schianchi, Sales Manager and Co-owner of Nolo Servizi 2000.
Adding an extra 3 m (10 ft), plus 125 degrees of jib articulation to the unit's 43 m (141 ft) working height and 27.43 m (90 ft) outreach, "The telescopic Genie Jib Extend™ is also a great feature that the operators loved. This system is definitely a must-have for high-precision platform positioning in hard to reach places," adds Mr. Schianchi.

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