Musselli expands Grove fleet with new GMK5150L

Family-owned Italian rental company Musselli has taken delivery of a new Grove GMK5150L, just months after purchasing a GMK5250L.

Musselli, based in northern Italy, chose the GMK5150L due to its application flexibility. Managing partner Fabrizio Musselli said:

"The GMK5150L offers a fantastic return on investment. The setup and rigging procedures are very fast, which allows the crane to operate on several jobsites on the same day."

Musselli benefitted from Manitowoc Finance to purchase the crane. Managing partner Ileana Musselli said:

"Manitowoc offered us a very competitive financial solution that was well-supported by a professional local team in Italy. We're happy to have a partner like Manitowoc to support us through the entire lifecycle of the crane."

In addition to the GMK5250L, the company also owns a GMK4100L-1, delivered in December 2016. All three cranes are fitted with Manitowoc's Crane Control System (CCS), enabling operators to swap between the machines with ease.

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