Construction Software: These 3 Functionalities Are In Demand


From newer pieces of technology such as drones, to new concepts such as virtual reality, technol-ogy in construction is constantly changing and adapting. Mobile apps are leading the way in in-creasing productivity on the jobsite. The way this can be accomplished is by proper integration and coordination with their primary construction software system.

UNSTOPPABLE | Stage 5 Certification


Kohler guarantees the Stage 5 certification for the entire diesel range.

It is widely acknowledged that Kohler has become unstoppable by now, especially on account of the many new products that have been added to the range of Kohler KDI engines. But Kohler is not sticking to designing and manufacturing diesel engines for off-road applications that offer the exceptional performance demanded by the main OEMs: the latest milestone it has reached is Stage V certification for KDI engines in the 19-56kW power range.

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