KLUBB announces the acquisition of the EGI company

This new acquisition will allow Klubb to accelerate its international development thanks to Egi's experience in isolated high voltage aerial platforms and vehicle mounted platforms for firefighting.

The company KLUBB, which designs and manufactures KLUBB aerial lifts, announces the acquisition of EGI located near Charleville-Mézières in eastern France. EGI employs 35 people in two market niches: aerial platforms to fight fires and isolated platforms to work in high voltage lines (working heights from 18 to 65 m).

EGI generates most of its turnover abroad. EGI products are used in areas of difficult access in Qatar, China or Chile to clean insulators in high voltage lines as an example. EGI has a unique know-how recognized around the world.

"This acquisition will allow us to quickly develop isolated high-voltage platforms, which are in high demand in many international markets, and we can position ourselves in countries where we are not yet present and gain participation in the export market," says Julien Bourrellis, president of Klubb.

The 12,000 m² factory is located on 7 hectares in the Ardennes and will allow the group to increase its annual production capacity.

"We are also pleased to announce that we will continue to manufacture vehicle fire fighting platforms on this site, EGI has established itself as an important player in this market and we are proud to ensure the continuity of this activity," adds Bourrellis.

Nacelle Assistance and Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, will maintain and repair all EGI products. All the technicians are being trained in the details of the various models to be able to carry out any necessary repair or maintenance work.

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