New truco mounted platform from Dino Lift

Dino Lift

DINO 230VT – Driving to work. Made easier.

Dinolift Oy is showing the new 3.5t DINO 230VT vehicle-mounted lift at Vertikal Days 2018, the largest lifting equipment event for the UK and Ireland

.The DINO 230VT is a straight telescopic boom lift with a working height of 23 metres. The lift is mounted on a 3.5 ton vehicle chassis and requires a class B commercial driver's license. The first DINO 230VT is mounted on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 314CDI. The design of the DINO 230VT focuses on usability, reliability and cost-efficiency – qualities that define the entire DINO lift fleet.
The user-friendly DINO 230VT features intuitive controls, automatic levelling, an easy-entry basket with non-slip stairway, and three jacking options – everything you need for working at height safely and efficiently. High-quality components and more than 40 years of DINO manufacturing experience also ensure the DINO 230VT is reliable and safe to use. Moreover, every DINO lift is built – from top to bottom – in Finland by dedicated professionals.
The DINO 230VT is purpose-built for rental use, which means that it can be operated in varying conditions and temperatures. Extensive service documentation and excellent spare part availability also increase the lift's long-term cost-effectiveness.

Next-generation boom

The DINO 230VT is equipped with a next-generation boom that uses durable yet lightweight steel to optimise lift performance without increasing total weight. The telescope cylinder is located inside the boom, so it is effectively protected from dirt and damage. The boom's new design and excellent strength-to-weight ratio provide a competitive working load and lifting capability.
The DINO 230VT is an outstanding addition to the Dinolift's wide range of lifts and a welcome newcomer to the vehicle-mounted lift market.


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