HAULOTTE DIAG Apps are available!


Haulotte - global leader of people and material lifting equipment (Aerial Work Platforms & Telehandlers) - launches its Haulotte Diagnostic application on Google Play and AppStore !

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HAULOTTE DIAG objective is to assist as many of our customers as possible in repairing machines by providing detailed, clear and rapid information to simplify troubleshooting. This results in shorter intervention time in the event of breakdown and improved productivity, by allowing technicians to find the right repair solution in all circumstances.


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Haulotte Diag is a free diagnostic application that allows wireless access for maintenance technicians to program, troubleshoot, calibrate, and generally diagnose all Haulotte machines (old, current and new models*) with their own devices: computers, Laptop or tablets (under Windows OS) but also now on Android and Apple smartphone and tablets.
Download the brochure in English
Download the brochure in French

* Except on HA12/15 IP and old Star 6 model

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• You can download the free Haulotte Diag for Windows Tablets, PC and Laptop on Haulotte Website
• You can download the free Haulotte Diag App on Apple iTunes® and Google Play™ (Tablets and Smartphone)


It works in conjunction with a wireless VCI box ( Vehicle Communication Interface) that allows Wi-Fi Access to all current Haulotte equipment, as well as all new Haulotte products.
• One single diagnostic tool for all machines
• Wi-Fi remote access for an extended operator range of up to 40 meters
Haulotte VCI Box can be ordered through Haulotte Sales subsidiaries or on Easy Spare Parts (part number 4000099300).


HAULOTTE DIAG includes also new advanced diagnostic features for new machines to improve the ease and speed of diagnostics (starting from all new models released since 2014):
- 12 languages available: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Rumanian, Russian, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Korean and Japanese
- Advanced troubleshooting features: display new information about the probable cause of the failure, the components to be checked with their location and picture, the action to be taken to correct the problem...
- Advanced diagnostic features: assisted troubleshooting to return the machine to service quickly when the machine is malfunctioning
- Advanced maintenance features: service counters are configured in the machine to alert the technician to the type of maintenance required and traceability of previous maintenance is also available.

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