Potain celebrates 90th anniversary at Intermat Paris 2018


Manitowoc Cranes has marked the 90th anniversary of Potain by holding a celebration at its booth during Intermat Paris 2018.

300 visitors were treated to anniversary cake, champagne, live music with a festive atmosphere to commemorate the occasion. Barry Pennypacker, president and CEO of Manitowoc, cut the cake and emphasized how the legacy of founder Faustin Potain is still very much alive in Manitowoc's culture today.

"Over nine decades, the Potain name has become synonymous with the tower crane industry. Today, it is a vital part of the success of Manitowoc Cranes. When creating and developing his company, Mr. Potain emphasized three simple values: proximity to the customer, innovation, and performance. When I compare these values to Manitowoc's core tenets of Velocity and Innovation, I think Mr. Potain would approve. He created a great legacy by focusing on customers, and I hope this is evident in the product and service innovations on display here at Intermat Paris 2018," he said.

In homage to Mr. Potain's legacy and celebrating the industry-leading tower crane brand that it is today, the theme of the anniversary is "Achieving Your Vision."


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