First LCL700 in America arrives in Seattle


GLY Construction will use Linden Comansa's 64-tonne luffer to build the Rufus 2.0 Block 21 project, part of Amazon's new headquarters.

Model LCL700 is the largest luffing-jib tower crane from manufacturer Linden Comansa. It was launched in April 2017 with two versions of maximum load (50 and 64 tonnes / 110,230 and 141,090 lb) and designed to be used mainly in jobsites with reduced space, like in very large and congested cities. Throughout the last 12 months a few units have been sold in Asia, and the very first unit in America (both North and South) has just been erected in downtown Seattle (Washington), USA.

LCL700 Seattle 3
Linden Comansa America (LCA) recently supplied a unit of this luffer and a flat top model 21LC550 20t to GLY Construction for the Rufus 2.0 Block 21 site. This project will include two office buildings (24 and 8 stories tall respectively) and is part of Amazon's urban campus, which already hosts more than 40,000 employees in the city centre.
During the weekend of March 25 & 26, the delivery and erection plans worked perfectly to put up the LCL700 in a safe and fast way. The schedule was quite tight, as two of the surrounding roads had to be closed to traffic with a 48 hour permit only.

LCL700 Seattle 4
The design of the LCL700 and the different features that come as standard were key in this agile erection. The LCL700 is delivered from the factory with pre-assembled luffing reevings, allowing the erectors to work faster and reduce the erection time. The crane also includes a support winch, used to lift and put in place the auxiliary ropes of the jib, or to displace and install the heavy reeving pulleys without needing the support of a mobile crane, among other functions.

LCL700 Seattle 5
The Team consisting of technicians from Linden Comansa's Headquarters in Spain and Linden Comansa America, working with the local erectors from Northwest Tower Crane, made easy work assembling such a large crane well within time allotted.

LCL700 Seattle 6
The crane was erected with full jib of 65 metres (213.3 ft) and initial tower height of 20.3 metres (66.9 ft), but it will be climbed to a final freestanding height of 60 metres (196.9 ft). In this jobsite, the LCL700 will be used with single line pull, to lift maximum loads of 32 tonnes (70,550 lb), but a simple manual change to double line system could make this crane load up to 64 tonnes (141,090 lb).

LCL700 Seattle 7

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