CVTCORP : Announce the First Production Launch of Its Breakthrough Mechanical Continuously Variable Transmission (mCVT) in The Brand New Skyjack Ecoshift Telehandler

CVTCORP, a world leader in design and development of revolutionary high efficiency, traction-drive continuously variable transmissions is launching the first production application of a high-power, efficient and cost effective mCVT.

This world premiere application is now available as the Ecomec 150 in the new Skyjack Ecoshift telehandler. The CVTCORP mCVT patented technology, the result of over 15 years of development, offers off-highway manufacturers a fully validated and scalable solution that provides unmatched operational ease, engine downsizing opportunities and overall vehicle performance improvements in the 20-30% range.

The Ecomec 150 allows the engine to deliver maximum power to the wheels at all times and its high efficiency results in the vehicle doing more work with less fuel. Vehicle validation tests have already confirmed a significant improvement in the drawbar pull test while keeping its top speed when compared to a vehicle equipped with a traditional powershift transmission. Inherent to its CVT characteristics and sophisticated controls, the Ecomec 150 allows for more productivity, more uptime and more safety while eliminating driver abuse.

Daniel Girard, CVTCORP CEO and founder, said: "The market is ripe for a technology disruption and our cost effective Ecomec 150 is far superior to existing powershift or hydrostatic CVT. The demand in construction equipment and agriculture is there and we are busy ramping up for production!''

Brad Boehler, Group President - Skyjack, said : ''We are proud to offer this cutting edge mCVT EcoShift option on our TH series telehandler range. The CVTCORP Ecomec 150 fits our strategy to continue providing quality engineered, simple, and reliable products. EcoShift add an extra dimension to our product line and the pulse of the market for the EcoShift is positive."


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