Holland Lift to unveil new safety feature on HL– 220 E12

Holland Lift

Holland Lift will present a new safety feature on the HL-220 E12 scissor lift a second exit on the extension platform.

In the case of an emergency, the additional safety door offers a second way to escape from the platform. A further advantage of the extra door is that it makes it easy to access the lift from either the front or the rear – a real benefit when using the scissor lift in small aisles and narrow spaces.

This latest development underlines Holland Lift's commitment to innovation and the company's determination to remain market leader, not only in terms of sales and safety, but also in terms of high quality solutions.

Jacco Hartkoorn: "This new safety feature, which is being introduced by Holland Lift International BV, is a result of listening to our customers' needs. We have translated the feedback from our clients to create this innovative and safe solution."

HL220 3


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