Intermat - Holland Lift will present the HL-275 H25

Holland Lift

Benefits of the HL-275 H25

• A higher capacity utilisation of the machine (indoor and outdoor use and deployable during the day and at night)
• Savings regarding transport costs because switching between a diesel to an electric machine is not required
• Lower fuel consumption because of the combination of a diesel engine and an electric motor
• Longer service life of the batteries than in a serial hybrid drive
• Fewer hydraulic parts than with a serial hybrid and, therefore, less probability of faults and failures
• Low maintenance costs because of a robust design and high-quality parts
• No contaminating soot emissions and, therefore, a soot filter is not required
• Low noise level when the electric motor is deployed
• Can always be deployed because both the electric motor and the diesel engine can be used separately
• Batteries can be charged by the diesel engine during transport.

The new HL-275 H25 will be on show at INTERMAT, Paris-Nord Villepinte, France, from Monday 23 April to Saturday 28 April 2018. Holland Lift will be present throughout at stand number E5 J 025


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