New RA26HY, the hybrid version of the RA26, for best machine in the IAPA Awards

Easy Lift

It will be compiting in the IAPA Awards for Best self-propelled with spider.

This machine maintains the features of the standard version, that is to say a working height of 26 m, a working outreach of 14.50 m, a basket capacity of 230 kg and a maximum overhang of 12 m that allow this model outstanding maneuver capabilities, but besides diesel engine (either Hatz or Kubota) and AC motor, it's also equipped with 200 Ah lithium batteries.

It's easy to use and reliable and with different stabilization areas it offers incredible performance and has been designed to be really compact: in fact, when closed, it's only 89 cm in width, 1.98 m in height and 6.75 m in length.

As a standard, it is equipped with a Scanreco radio remote control and a fixed control panel in the cage, adjustable undercarriage with independent setting and dual speed motor gearboxes.

Easy 3


In recent years Easy Lift has believed and invested heavily in lithium batteries that offer significantly higher performance than any other currently available construction technology (Pb, NiCd, NiMH), as demonstrated by their vast and now exclusive use in portable electronic devices.

Lithium batteries offer:

• High energy density (> 150 Wh/l)
• Limited weight (<10 kg / kWh)
• Long life time (> 3000 cycles)
• Possibility of fast charging and partial charging

The higher initial cost is convenient if compared to the duration of their life time, without considering the lack of maintenance and the increased efficiency that this technology entails.
These features make lithium batteries particularly beneficial even for applications like ours.

Lithium battery powered spider platforms thanks to the reduced noise emissions and the total absence of exhaust gases can be used without restriction even in closed areas.
The battery pack autonomy ensures a working day without any additional recharging (non-continuous work).

Lead batteries can be damaged by fast charging or partial charging, so they need 6/8 hours to be charged and must be well maitained (water filling, circuit filling maintenance, cleaning of elements and poles from oxide) not to reduce their life time, while lithum batteries can be charged fast and partially charged (up to 50% in only 30 minutes) and do not need any maintenance.

Our RA26HY as well as all our spiders powered by lithium batteries are equipped with an automatic selector that disconnect the battery when the platform is not in use, thus protecting it from improper use and a remote control system with acoustic signals in case of any failure or malfuction.

Easy 4

The RA26HY is the best spider in the market in its category and represents the first hybrid double-telescopic boom spider lift with jib.

With the end of 2017, Easy Lift completes the installation of lithium batteries across its range of spiders, including the latest model RA26. All spiders are now available in standard version with combustion engine + AC motor and battery version (BA). Big models from RA26 to R420 are also available in the hybrid version (HY) with combustion engine, lithium battery and AC motor.

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