New platform Xiraffe installed on a small 4x4 11 HP articulated tractor from COMET


Able to get where no other platform succeeds. It has been installed on an articulated tractor with special gearboxes reducer and various types of tires.

Xiraffe can be 12 meters of work with a lateral outreach of about 5 me-ters. Double pantograph with a telescopic arm and a basket capacity of 150 kg. They are also presenting the 14-meter version with around 7 m. outreach.
Thanks to this equipment they are acquiring particular and exclusive market niches. The applications are varied. From the maintenance of the plants in the golf, the maintenance of the telephone and electrical lines to what seems to be an interesting business that is the collection of fruit.
They have delivered several units to Saudi Arabia and Jordan on date plantations because give the chance to the farmers to access in totally unfriendly areas. As well the small basket allows insertion into the plants and collect the fruit.
The special configuration of the spider stabilizers allows to stabilize the platform in all circumstances without problems. Xiraffe is therefore able to work in the presence of ditches and steep slopes.
In the photos, the special platform working in the Amazon forest of Peru. Used in the plantations to pick up the oil palm fruit. After the first tests of last year they recently delivered several new platforms that are daily used daily inside the forest safely replacing ladders and equipment that are certainly dangerous.


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