The Manitou Group recognized at the "Intermat Innovation Awards"


• Recognized for its strain gauge system and stabilizers
• Newly introduced on the MRT 2470 and MRT 3050
• A major innovation in the construction market

The Manitou group, a world leader in rough-terrain handling, earned the "Equipment and Material" prize in the "Components and Attachments" category at the "Intermat Innovation Awards." This distinction recognizes the group for its patented machine stabilization system for the MRT 2470 and MRT 3050 models. The prizes were handed out at the pre-Intermat event in Paris.

A pioneer in the market of rotating telescopic forklifts, the Manitou group, a leader for several decades in this sector, saw great success since launching the MRT 2470 and MRT 3050 models. Presented in 2017 at a "Keynote" reported throughout the world, these two machines allow the group to take the "Equipment and Materials" prize at the international "Intermat Innovation Awards" competition. This brought to light the innovations that have contributed to progress in the areas of industry and construction and materials. The jury, made up of 14 professionals from 7 different countries, championed the strain gauge system of the MRT 2470 and MRT 3050, which measures the strain on the stabilizers' axes.

This recognition system improves reading the information regarding the strain applied to the ground, and automatically modifies the load capacity of the machine. This allows the user to identify on the dashboard the pressure of the stabilizers on the ground and their range of expansion, which also contributes to increasing its safety.

"We are always looking to optimize our users' experience. Thanks to this new system, developed and patented by Manitou, handling operations are more precise and safer, which allows our clients to considerably increase their productivity. Awarded by a panel of experts in construction and infrastructure, this prize makes the group proud. It acknowledges, recognizes and highlights the research and development work we have undertaken for several years," said Arnaud Boyer, VP Marketing and Product Development.

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