After signing a historic order with the Mediaco Group in spring, Terex Cranes began the first deliveries.

The first of these machines, a Demag AC 220-5 was delivered to Mediaco East at the Nancy office.
Christian Roy, Head of the Engines and Equipment Fleet for Mediaco East, commented: "The addition of this new Demag 5-axle crane to our fleet will allow us to respond to our customers' requests with equipment that is always technologically up to date, and with the efficiency that we expect."
The crane operator Mediaco entrusted with this new machine, Christophe Gaucher, was not hesitant with his praise: "It's like a luxury car! The quality of workmanship is excellent." As for the IC-1 Plus control system the crane is equipped with, he said, "It's phenomenal. Congratulations to the Demag engineers who developed this system!"

About Mediaco Group

With nearly 60 offices, 600 mobile cranes (28 models from 300 to 750 tons in France) and 1,500 staff, Mediaco is registered as the leading French lifting network. Boasting 300 million euros in sales revenue, the company is the third largest in the sector in Europe and the seventh largest in the world. In addition to lifting, Mediaco Group offers other services: maintenance; access-platform rental; transport and storage of liquid products; logistics; equipment rental and sales.


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