Ragno XTJ 43 at Rathbone Square


The new exclusive residential and commercial space created in central London.

It comes very rarely the opportunity to create a new space in the heart of London but the Great Portland
Estates investment and development company in London has succeeded!
How? Simply transforming an old post office into a lively and exclusive area to central London. Class A offices,
142 apartments, cafes, shops and restaurants are part of Rathbone Square.
For the maintenance of this exclusive new commercial and residential area, a Palazzani Spider Platform XTJ 43 has been chosen in crawler version and can reach 43 m in height. A really versatile spider that combines small dimensions (8.5m x 2.2m high) both in transfer and in placement; the set up is automatic and for each stabilizer there are 6 different positions available. The low weight allows this machine to move and set up on even very delicate flooring without creating any harm.


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