Haulotte in Jazzan Refinery & Terminal Project


Saudi Aramco's new Jazzan Refinery and Terminal Project in Saudi Arabia is the latest project where Haulotte has supplied its innovative range of Articulated & Telescopic big booms.

The Haulotte booms are designed with the latest technology & the highest level of safety features. The Refinery will be a grassroots facility with an anticipated capacity of up to 400,000 barrels per day (BPD).
It will produce 80,000 bpd of gasoline, 250,000 bpd of ultra-low sulfur diesel and over 1 million tons per year of benzene and paraxylene products. The Jazan Refinery complex will also be equipped with a state-of-the-art port and a four gigawatt power plant that will make the refinery entirely self-sufficient and provide power to locally owned manufacturing and service companies.
Saudi Arabia through Saudi Aramco had selected the city of Jazzan, on the southern coast of the Red Sea to spend $27 billion capital expenditure to create a totally greenfield Jazan Economic City (JEC) which is part of a strategy to nurture non-oil based industries, expand the Kingdom's existing industries to serve domestic needs and rejuvenate the Jazan region by providing employment opportunities.
The models which are used the most are the Haulotte Articulated Boom lift HA41PX-NT & HA41RTJ PRO & the Haulotte Telescopic Boom Lift HT43RTJ PRO. The HA41 models have an outreach of 19.80m and the best lifting speed in the market with less than 40 seconds which reduces time and increases productivity. The recently launched HT28RTJ PRO, equipped with the innovative STOP Emission System, is also working on the site. This system automatically puts the machine in stand-by after an extended period of inactivity. These telescopic booms offer unparalleled flexibility and precision, giving users greater confidence and letting them reach the desired work area quickly and safely.
As per Saudi Aramco's request, all the machines were equipped with a secondary guarding system: The HAULOTTE ACTIV' Shield© Bar 2.0 which offers additional protection, shielding users from any risk of crushing without compromising productivity & preserves the best working envelope that was utilized accurately to build the complex shape of the steel structure.
Haulotte's system alerts the operator to potential entrapment situations and is unique in that it features a Safety Gap™ which can protect the operator from full entrapment and potentially allow them to get out of danger. Following the alert only reverse/lowering movements are permitted, allowing the possibly panicked operator to get out of trouble without making the situation worse. And, after being triggered, the system is easy to reset and reactivate from the basket which means there is no machine downtime. This evolution guarantees better ergonomics, enhanced robustness and simpler system, perfectly integrated into the upper control box cover.


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