IAPA awards 2018 – open for entries

Now in its tenth year, the International Awards for Powered Access (IAPAs) will be held in Miami, USA on 8 March 2018.

With 13 award categories, ranging from new products and innovations to safety and training, there is bound to be one to suit your company or you as an individual.
For the 2018 awards there has been a change to the two Product of the Year categories for self propelled equipment. They have been updated to: Product of the Year – Self propelled booms and atrium lifts and Product of the Year – Scissors lifts & vertical mast platforms. We hope this will encourage a wider range of entries. The other 11 categories remain the same.
Deadline for entries: 1 December 2018
There is no charge for entering the IAPA awards, so please take the opportunity to take part in this prestigious industry event, which attracted more than 450 delegates when it was last held this year in London, UK.
IAPA 2018 categories
• The IAPA Innovative Technology Prize
• Contribution to Safe Working at Height
• Access Rental Company of the Year
• Powered Access Pioneer
• Project of the Year
• IPAF/Access International Lifetime Achievement Award
• Access Photograph of the Year
• Product of the Year – Self propelled booms and atrium lifts
• Product of the Year – Scissors lifts & vertical mast platforms
• (low level access, vertical mast booms, pusharound platforms, stock pickers)
• Product of the Year – Vehicle mounted platforms
• Product of the Year – Mast climbing work platforms/hoists
IPAF member companies and individuals only:
• IPAF Training Instructor of the Year
• IPAF Training Centre of the Year
Jointly organised by KHL's Access International and the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), the IAPAs celebrate best practice and excellence in the powered access industry, attracting around 450 industry professionals which provides excellent networking opportunities
This year's independent judging panel will comprise industry experts with long-standing experience in the business. The full judging panel will be announced soon.
For more details about the awards, including how to book, visit www.iapa-summit.info



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